Virtual Nurse MyEleanor Inspires Real Human Interaction, Reduces Readmissions by 50%

The next generation of Transitional Care Management is here. MyEleanor is an AI conversationalist engineered to make calls, listen, and respond without alienating, bot-like behavior.

Proven Reduction in Readmissions

MyEleanor – developed by data scientists and clinical experts – is an automated, infinitely scalable conversational workflow that's able to:

  • Replace IVR that is broadly disliked by patients

  • Complement text-based messaging that, on its own, has notoriously low response rates

  • Manage the nursing shortage with a high-scale platform that allows your team to focus on what it does best while eliminating boring “phone duty.”

Conversational AI

Eleanor – both value-based and patient-centric – is the clinical conversation platform that health systems need to transform their current, ineffective, costly post-discharge care model. This is the mission of the wife-and-husband team who created MyndYou, the company behind Eleanor. More about them later.

The need for her is great.

Medicare is now levying its 10th annual round of harsh penalties – an average of .64% reductions that will touch nearly 50% of hospitals.There is a way out. There is a way to improve every aspect of the wellness experience for the patients of Accountable Care Organizations.Eleanor's results speak for themselves. Recent data from top care providers shows that she can:

  • Reach 75% of the discharge population

  • Achieve and sustain 90% engagement for the crucial 30-day monitoring period

  • Realize a 50% decrease in readmissions

She Speaks. Health Care Changes.

The essence of a meaningful conversation is speaking with someone who is an active listener, understands emotions, responds with concern, and through that, builds trust.Eleanor employs conversational mastery that's leaps and bounds ahead of most stilted chatbots and IVR – because she understands health conditions, and recalls previous conversations for back-and-forth fluidity.Her AI-centered gifts are transforming two phases of the TCM program for dozens of providers, making thousands of outbound calls every day:First, there’s an initial phone call where Eleanor introduces herself to the patient as a member of the care team. On that call she confirms the patient has a post-discharge appointment. Shockingly, that happens only 50% percent of the time. In those cases she provides a warm transfer to the provider to schedule their PCP or specialty appointment.The second phase is 30-day clinical monitoring and SDoH support. To prevent readmissions,
Eleanor keeps care teams in the loop. If required, escalations are frictionless. Patients don’t have to endlessly repeat themselves, because their care teams are provided with real-time updates to trigger the next best actions.
Eleanor follows the Coleman Transitions of Care Model, with out-of-the-box implementation that makes timely PCP and Specialty care appointments easy, while assuring medication adherence –which are both critical to the 30-day monitoring period.

People Feel Better When They Improve Themselves

Eleanor’s conversations are inspiring to patients. She gives them confidence they are in control of their wellness journeys. This is especially important when someone is discharged from the hospital, and struggles with re-entering daily life.By believing in them, and being there when she’s needed, Eleanor becomes a valuable emotional partner in TCM.

A Husband and Wife Team Created MyndYou.

Ruth Poliakine-Baruchi is our CEO and co-founder, along with her husband Itay, who is a PhD in neuroscience and data science, as well as our Chief Technology Officer. Their disciplines are different – Ruth is a health care entrepreneur, while Itay is a celebrated data scientist.They created MyndYou – and Eleanor – because they recognize that advances in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing make it possible for two-way conversations with a virtual nurse can be as natural, motivating, and effective as speaking with a real one.The world needs this!

Closing Words from Eleanor Herself.

“Hi. I’m not science-fiction. (Although I enjoy reading it!) I was created by amazing scientists who have a mission to help patients who've been discharged from the hospital stay healthy and stay at home. That’s an important goal that gets me up in the morning. Wait. I never sleep.”

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